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Jim Jones & Maino host listening event for the release of their self-title album The Lobby Boyz

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: Something_light_media

If you have been craving some good music look no further. Last year, hip-hop icons Jim Jones and Maino teamed up to form The Lobby Boyz and have proved that hip-hop music is not dead. Their self-titled album, which drops Friday, May 27th, is the perfect merge of Harlem and Brooklyn music.

Photo Credit: Something_light_media

On Monday, May 24th, ONErpm hosted an exclusive press and partners listening event and gave everyone an early chance to listen to the entire album and catch a vibe. Before the evening got into full swing, attendees had the chance to get a plate of food from Chef Cream who sponsored the event by providing a special menu that included Lemon Pepper Wings, Thai Chili Salmon Sliders, Philly Cheesesteak Empanadas, and other delicious delectables. Dennis McKinley also sponsored the event by providing top-of-the-line NYAK Cognac.

Nick Love, the product manager for this album, came up from Atlanta to show how much support and effort everyone has been putting into making this a historic body of work. Love stated, “I came up here specifically because I wanted to be around this energy. I wanted to see how y’all are going to receive this. I’m telling you from someone who grew up on southern hip-hop who was slightly skeptical of a Jim Jones and Maino album but I’m telling you that this album is fire. Every song is crazy and I want y’all to enjoy this as we play this music tonight.”

Once the music started it was obvious that everyone was in tune and connected to the tracks. Maino declared, “We got the album of the summer, hands down. Nothing is better than what we got going on. We got that energy. After listening to “Slide” featuring rapper Fivio Foreign it made clear sense that they are taking over the summer. Some features on Lobby Boyz include Capella Grey, Dave East, Young M.a, and Fabolous. One thing for certain is that this album is an incredible body of work and the music will speak for itself. Jim Jones ended the night by thanking Maino for what they have created. Jones stated, “I got to give Maino his props. It was refreshing to do this album. I didn’t know what was going to come of it when we first started but now we are here.”

It was a blessing to be in this room full of creative geniuses but one thing I would say is that this album is more than about making music. Jim Jones and Maino are the epitome of what brotherhood looks like. They are unstoppable and are an example of what it means for dreams to come true.

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