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Bronx artist, WIN, releases new music "Goodnight" before 2nd Annual Bronx Summer Jam performance

Short N Sweet Ent

Emerging hip-hop artist guides audiences on a journey of

self-realization through his new single, streaming now on all music platforms.

Bronx-based hip-hop artist, WIN, has released his brand new single, “Goodnight,” ahead of his live music performance at Bronx Summer Jam on Saturday, June 24, 2023. His new single, currently streaming on all music platforms, is WIN’s first record since his song, Bigg Up, was released in 2021.

A take on a more ambient mellow sound, full of lush progressions and melancholic flutes, “Goodnight,” is a song about traveling through one’s journey of self-realization and solidifying a healthy mental space. Produced by Mark Generous, WIN considers this track a very rewarding experience and hopes his fan base walks away with something positive after listening to his new record.

“It helped me put things in life into perspective,” WIN said. “I’m hoping that when people hear the music, and watch the visual, they walk away with something positive.”

The visual, shot, chopped, and cut by renowned Bronx videographer, Justin Kase, attempts to show audiences an inspiring piece of artistry, while also catering to the songs message.

“As a creative, I never take for granted the chance to work with inspiring pieces of artistry,” Justin said. “[“Goodnight”] is a such a vibe – melodic, lofty, a different kind of bop…it makes me think of dreamy color palettes and vistas, which I wanted to bring to the song’s visuals.”

WIN will perform his new song, and previous releases, live at Bronx Summer Jam – the joint independent annual summer music festival by Sounds & Sirens and The Fox & King, Inc. The show will run from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST, with guests having an opportunity to RSVP via Eventbrite ahead of the show.

Click the link below to check out WIN's official video to "Goodnight".

Courtesy of Christopher Vasquez of The Fox & King Inc.

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