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Recording Artist X-YLE Is Making His Mark In The Music Industry With His New Album "Alpha"

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

It seems like every week we are blessed with some new music to add to our playlist. Well, this week is no different for me. Hailing all the way from Queens, artist X-YLE made me hit that download button with the release of his new project “ALPHA”. Alpha has been out for a few weeks now but is already making a stamp in the music industry. X-YLE is one artist that I listen to over and over because not only are his punch-lines hitting but his stage presence is out of this world and if you are bringing me that type of energy, it’s a no-brainer, I’m supporting! During this interview, X-YLE opens up about being an artist in this current state of the music industry and who he is as a person.


What first got you into music and who inspired you?

DMX was the one who inspired me to rap. He was my number one artist. I had a hard time expressing myself, so music helped me with that. I didn’t really fit in or belong anywhere. So when I was able to write music and saw the response I got, I knew that this could work.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?

The first thing I ever wrote was to a Burger King commercial. The beat would come on and I would write it so quickly because commercials are only like 30 to 45 seconds. I would try to keep that beat in my head and write. I don’t remember for the life of me what I was doing but that was probably one of the first things I’ve ever written.

Your album Alpha is out now, what was your favorite track to create?

My favorite track to create was probably, “Been About It” featuring Josh Jacobs. We have that comradery. We have this thing where we try to see who’s better than who, a lyrical thing where we go back and forth. We definitely had fun creating that record.

You are a great lyricist and your music always has a message. Do you write your own material and if so what is that process like?

Absolutely! The production has to speak to me. I am big on that. I’ll get random punch-lines in my head and I’ll write them down but as far as the song process goes if I hear the beat and I can come up with a hook within the first 12 seconds – that’s the record. That’s my process, the hook first and then I’ll go from there.

You have this very hard exterior look to you and your music. Are there any records for the ladies?

Yes, there are I believe three records, “Vibe Out”, “Just Enough”, and “Be Mine” that is for the ladies. I did those records because people have this thing where they only see this hard exterior like all I do is rap, rap, rap all day long and I don’t have any emotions or feelings. I felt like it’s important for me to do records like that to even it out.

You have amazing delivery when you perform and command everybody’s attention in the room. What do you do to prepare for your performances?

I’m nervous every performance, I’m not even going to hold you. I get butterflies in my stomach until I get on stage. Before I go on I disappear. I go to a quiet spot or corner and just breathe. I tell myself okay I’m ready let’s do this. Then, I get on stage and I perform I love the stage so much. Before a performance, I don’t smoke or drink. I have some water because I want to have some energy. I’m big on-stage presence. For the most part, I get myself mentally prepared because I know the stage is my home. I’m not going to mess that up.

I’ve heard the whole album from start to finish. What is the concept of “Alpha” and what do you want the listeners to get from it?

The concept of the album is to show my more dominant side. My last project “The Art of Life” was an artistic piece. There were a lot of things I was trying and it culminated into something great. Alpha is more of me solidifying who I am in the scene right now. I’ve always felt like I got the short end of the stick when it comes to recognition. I’m always just being mentioned or close but no cigar of being mentioned. I wanted some power to be displayed in this project like I deserve for my name to be mentioned. You may not like me or I may not even make the music you like but respect what I do.

If you could choose one word or sentence to describe Alpha, what would it be?

UNIVERSAL, there is something for everybody on the project.

What are your thoughts on the state of the music industry?

In my opinion, it’s a good balance of quality of music. I would say at one point they were just letting anything out. Right now we have a good amount of lyricists and people who are making good records. It’s a fair balance and I’m happy things are at this moment.

Who is someone that you would love to perform with?

He’s gone but R.I.P. DMX. I opened up for him a few years back and I wish I could have done a song with him. Other than DMX I would want to collaborate with Kendrick, SchoolBoy Q, and Royce Da 59. I would like to be on stage with someone who has energy because I am PURE energy. I don’t have a hype man because it’s very rare for someone to keep up with me on stage. When I do a show it has to be a certain kind of people that has that same level of energy like me.

What is one piece of advice that you received that has stuck with you?

It’s OKAY! Not enough is going to like you. Keep doing what you’re doing. The people who do like you are going to gravitate towards you.

How do you put yourself first and maintain healthy self-care practices?

I take a day to myself and I meditate. I don’t do any work. It can wait. We get so caught up in – it has to be done – but if you’re running yourself ragged then you’re no good to anybody. So, I take a day to myself to rest, re-center, and re-focus.

Thank you so much X-YLE for taking the time for us to get a better understanding of you as a persona and an artist. Continue to kill the game with your dynamic lyrics and I wish Alpha success on success.


Check out X-YLE's new video "Coins" off of his new project Alpha

To connect with X-YLE you can find him on IG: @xylenyc

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Until next post… Coach Tay


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