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Harlem-based artist, Stash Cash is dominating the music scene with new project "Vibe With Me 2"

Photo Credit: Taylor Chante

Harlem-born artist, Stash Cash, is gearing up to drop his new project, Vibe With Me 2 on April 9th. Before the public gets a chance to dive into his music the creator of Urban News, Kay Dott, hosted a listening event at Dear Harlem Venue for Stash Cash that was brilliantly executed by JJ Public Relations. Kaytered by Kay Cee and Plush Vodka sponsored the event and if you arrived early you were blessed with a delicious plate of food and signature drinks that were named after song titles from Stash’s project. All night both DJ Myte and DJ Mare kept spinning the latest hits and had everyone on the dance floor. Once we started to get a sneak peek of “Vibe With Me 2” the energy in the room shifted and went up a level. People listen to certain music because it puts them in certain types of moods. Well, looking at the audience’s face I could tell that everyone was in a good mood. There is no better way to tell if an artist is down for their music until you see them perform live and Stash did just that. He surprised us with special guest performances from Chrissy Beann, Yung Rah, and Pop Dotarachi. They kept the crowd rocking from start to finish and so many friends and family came out to show their support. Thank you Stash Cash for giving us a sneak peek into your new project.


What is one message do you want people to get from your music?

To just be themselves, you know what I’m saying, express how you feel and don’t stop what you are doing!

How involved are you with picking producers, features, or most importantly the cover art to your new project, Vibe With Me 2?

I am very involved with all my music but I have a creative team Bree and Zay P that help me. Those are the people that come up with my vision.

What is one tip you would give someone that wants to get in the music industry?

To have a goal and know what you want to do. Then go attack that. Build a team; you can’t do it by yourself. Once you know what you want you can build your team around that and then go do what you want to do.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself being one of the greatest Independent artist that I could be. I feel like labels are about to be dead so I feel like all Independent artist are about to be poppin!

Photo Credit: Tee The Shooter


To connect with Stash Cash you can find him on IG: @stashcashofficial

If you are looking for a photographer connect with @iteezus.jpg

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