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Rise Up NYC Concerts Celebrates 50 Years of Hip Hop in the Bronx with The Lox & Ja Rule

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: Hazznyc

It’s no secret that New York City is the place to be in the summer. Some may say that the best things to do in the city include shopping, going to attractions and museums, and even visiting your local beaches but if you’re looking to have a good time, attending free concerts is the key to an ideal outing with your family and friends.

Earlier this summer, Mayor Eric Adams announced that “Rise Up NYC Concerts” would be returning as a free concert series across the five boroughs for all New Yorkers. This would allow people to reconnect and celebrate music and culture on the highest level. “Rise Up NYC” kicked off in July in Brooklyn Wingate State Park, made its way to Staten Island Midland Beach Park, and on August 9th, touched down in the birthplace of Hip Hop, the Boogie Down Bronx at the historic Orchard Beach.

On a sizzling hot summer day, native New Yorkers poured into the Orchard Beach parking lot to witness a historical celebration of Hip Hop. Along with members of the Rise Up NYC concert series, Dave Huie, CEO of Viok Marketing, curated a lineup of Hip Hop legends that were celebrated for their contributions to the last 50 Years of Hip Hop. The Bronx concert was hosted by HOT97’s own Mia Belle with a star-studded line, which included Chubb Rock, Milk D, Joe Ski, CL Smooth, Peter Gunz, Tina (Hood Celebrityy), Grand Puba, with headlining performances from The Lox and Ja Rule.

Photo Credit: Hazznyc

As we know, the world is celebrating “50 Years of Hip Hop”. For many people, when hip-hop was born it saved the lives of hundreds of individuals and communities around the world. Hip Hop legend, Grand Puba explained that Hip Hop has 5 elements: deejaying, emceeing, graffiti, breakin’, and beatboxing. This is the foundation of how everything started. Hip Hop is for the people. It is our culture and the language that we speak to express ourselves in a way that the world can understand what we have and continue to go through. Hip Hop legend Peter Gunz expressed that, “Hip Hop is everything. It’s life to me and not just me but to the world. The world followed the culture, everybody from fashion to dance to TV shows. They use our lingo. Hip Hop means a lot to me, it’s 50 years and we are in the Bronx where it started”.

Before the festivities began we got the chance to speak with, Life Camp Inc. summer youth dancers who expressed their enthusiasm for their performances. “Today we are performing with Milk D and Chubb Rock and we are excited to showcase what we got”. You had to be there to see how talented this group of young dancers are and how much they shine on the stage. Life Camp Inc. is a program that helps youth navigate the path of violence and supports families who have unfortunately been affected by gun violence. They provide opportunities for the youth to live within their passion and it was truly great to see them flourish on stage beside legends that have made an impact in hip-hop.

Photo Credit: Hazznyc

As the sun started to set, the energy of the crowd was on another level. The Lox, who consist of Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch ignited the stage with hard-hitting lyrics and immaculate flows. They performed their records, “Knock Yourself Out”, “I Get High”, “We Gonna Make It”, “Locked Up”, and Jadakiss’s infamous freestyle “Who Shot Ya” which carries lots of weight in the music industry. It was great to see them come together as a brotherhood and simply uplift and honor each other in a way that displays an everlasting bond.

Photo Credit: Hazznyc

You can’t mention the word hip-hop without mentioning the icon Ja Rule, who has drastically changed the game by providing the world with hit after hit. After the release of his first project “Venni Vetti Vecci” Ja Rule’s career has taken off and he hasn’t let up since. He is known for blending his “gritty street side” with R&B music and has created a one-of-a-kind sound, which ultimately made him relatable to the ladies. One thing Ja Rule is going to do is give you a once in a lifetime experience and he did just that. Rule conveyed, “To perform on a high level I stay in the gym and eat healthy”. When it was time for him to perform, the crowd did not disappoint and sang along word for word to some of his billboard record-breaking tracks that included, “Livin’ It Up”, “Put It On Me”, “Mesmerize”, “Always On Time”, “I’m Real”, “I Cry”, and “Clap Back”. It was only right that Rule brought out his family as he closed his set with “New York”, this was a family affair and the crowd got to witness greatness one more time.

Photo Credit: Hazznyc

Click the links below to check out the full videos with Ja Rule, Peter Gunz, and the

Life Camp Inc. Dancers.

If you missed this epic night it is okay because the Rise Up NYC concert series is not done and you have time to enjoy positive vibes and good energy. The next stop will be in Queens at Roy Wilkins Park on August 16th and 17th and the last stop will conclude in Harlem on 135th Street & 5th Avenue on August 19th. Get there early to get a good seat and put your feet up because you will be in for a great show.

Happy Birthday Hip Hop!

Written By: Shauntay Hallett

Until Next Post... Coach Tay


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