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DJ Nyla Symone Presents Pass Da Aux Live R&B Night Featuring Alex Vaughn, Ryan Trey, and Laya

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Photo Credit: Something_light_media

Some say that music is a universal language that can bring millions and millions of people together to share a bond like no other. If you have happened to push play to your favorite record in a time of crisis or in a time of enjoyment you have identified how music can move you in an unexplainable way. R&B music has been the pulse of our culture and will be prevalent for generations to come. It has come to the attention of music lovers that R&B music is dead and the industry is missing a special key factor to what we once knew pulled at our heartstrings. For those doubters who have expressed their concerns, it is evident that they have not been looking at the right places.

For quite some time, DJ Nyla Symone, a weekly host for Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, has constantly used her platforms to not only discuss the significance behind R&B music but has created spaces for independent and mainstream artists to share their talents with the world. If you tune into her segments on the radio, you know that she is putting everyone on to some fire artists that we may or may not know. What we do know for sure is that she has an ear for talent and is actively sharing their abilities to captivate our souls.

At the beginning of September, DJ Nyla Symone hit the radio airwaves and announced that she would be hosting a new show, “Pass Da Aux Live” which creates an opportunity for music lovers to participate in an intimate evening of personally hand-selected artists that will perform their musical body of work. On September 15th, a room full of executives, artists, and creatives poured into Café Erzulie in Brooklyn for a great evening of music. DJ Sounds of Reality set the tone for the night by playing classic and memorable songs that put everyone in the perfect mood. The night started off a comedic act by Andre Thompson and opening acts by Cheeche Lovato, Cokecarl, Lambo Anlo, Stockz, Nate Taylor, and Juhovah with a special performance by Grammy-nominated artists Childish Major and Fridayy. While we took a moment to celebrate these two amazing artists it was remarkable to hear their journey in the music industry. To say the night was a success was an understatement. Everyone left with a sense of joy and wanting more.


After the success of the first show, it didn’t take long for the second show to be announced. On October 20th, “Pass Da Aux Live” hosted an R&B night that that included a warm welcome from comedian Chate and open mic acts from Nia Monet, Al Hostile, Nnena, Ola, Aneesah, Lasaan, and Gifted who left everything on the stage. Ranging from New York City, New Jersey, Baltimore Maryland, Cleveland Ohio, and Toronto Canada, each artist added their own flavor and unique personality to their performance and left a long-lasting impression on the crowd.

Photo Credit: Something_light_media

The best part of the evening was the Q&A section because the audience got a chance to get to know the headliners on a personal level. During the conversation with singer and songwriter Laya, she discussed that her music is very motivational. “It’s very self-love and knowledge of self. It is knowing and loving yourself in such a way that you don’t let others take advantage of you”. The audience got a small glimpse of her music when she hit the stage with her hit song, “Left, Right, Go! If you want to hear more music from Laya tap in with her new album, “Bet That”.

Next up, Ryan Trey came to the stage and discussed his new project, “Streets Say You Miss Me” which hits the scene on November 3rd. He expressed that this project came about after going through a really rough spot in a relationship and through his music was able to reflect on what he has been through personally. The audience connected with him when he said, “The careers that last the longest are the ones that are true to themselves. Really talking about things you’ve been through. Places you’ve been. People you’ve been with and that’s important because you have a lot of people, especially in R&B that are going through things personally and a lot of times people are just looking for that voice to relate to”. This was a gem that needed to be dropped. People want to know they are not alone and that they can have music that can help get them through whatever they are going through in their life.

The end of the night was coming close to an end but it was clear that people came out to see DMV’s own Alex Vaughn. The second she graced the stage the crowd went crazy with deep appreciation and excitement. After coming off her third tour this year, with the amazing ladies Ari Lenox, Kali Uchis, & Victoria Monet, Alex Vaughn is proving that with her one-of-kind-voice, she is here to stay. She started her Q&A discussion off by telling us what it has been like and how she prepares for tour life.

“It’s been beautiful. Performing is my favorite part of being an artist. I think most importantly, it’s been a lot of just learning about myself. I have learned how to preserve my energy and how to prioritize what’s important to me. I have also learned how to connect with different audiences and different regions but mainly I am preparing for when I have my own tour”.

“I prepare myself and my voice with the power of prayer and staying hydrated. The day of shows I try to stay off my phone as much as I can. I always look back at my performances as much as I can and I look at my favorite performers and ask myself how can I top this, how can I level up, how can I challenge myself? Then I apply it. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take and I think performing is fun for me because it’s my freest space”.

When asked by Short N Sweet Entertainment, what is your definition of R&B, she responded with, “of course something that is soulful. It has a good groove and a good pocket and something that is true to you and the moment that you are in. I feel like R&B can be about love but it’s really specifically from the gut and then vocals and after that the follow-up.

It was not a surprise that after this she took a moment to compose herself and then tour down the stage with her amazingly gifted vocals. The crowd sang along while she performed “So Be It, If You Know You Know, and Mirage. To top the evening off Alex Vaughn showed out by displaying her vocal ability by hitting us with some Opera notes. She has proved that she is a force to be reckoned with and if you haven’t done so already go download “ The Hurtbook” which is out on all music platforms.

If you missed these two special “Pass Da Aux Live” events, don’t worry because there will be more to come. Make sure you are following DJ Nyla Symone and Pass Da Aux Live to catch the next time they will be in Brooklyn because this is something you definitely want to be a part of.

Written By: Shauntay Hallett

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