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Grammy nominated rapper Rapsody and Roc Nation's own Shari B. celebrate the release of her new album "Please Don't Cry"

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: alexpmccray

On May 17th, 2024 the world stopped for a moment when Grammy-nominated emcee Rapsody dropped her newest album, Please Don’t Cry. Rapsody, a lyrical prodigy, is known for her sophisticated rhyme patterns and tongue-twisted wordplay that would leave your mind blown. Please Don’t Cry came at the perfect time. It is what was missing from the industry and now that it is here, we as a collective have something to hold on to. Unafraid to show who she is, Rapsody delivered a 22-track masterpiece with features with Phylicia Rashad, Hit-Boy, Bee-B, Dixson, Erykah Badu, Alex Isley, Bibi Bourelly, Keznamdi, Nicole Bus, Niko Brim, Lil’ Wayne, Baby Tate, and Amber Navran. She takes us on a personal evolution journey while showing us the most raw and vulnerable states of mind of her life.


It was only right that Rapsody came to New York City to celebrate her latest body of work. For press week, she had several listening events where she signed her Vinyl and CDs, and had in-store meet-and-greets where her limited edition merchandise was sold.  


On May 19th, Rapsody arrived in Harlem’s black-owned salon The Beauty Cave, dripping with swag, to have an intimate special conversation with Roc Nation’s own, Shari Bryant. If you were in the audience, you got to witness something magical. It started with simply watching how magical Shari B’s and Rapsody’s relationship is. It was so magical to see how in-tuned they were and they displayed what it truly meant to uplift each other. Throughout the afternoon, Rapsody allowed us to take a closer into her life. She discussed what it meant to love, the process of grieving and healing, what it means to have a sisterhood, the relationship with her family, and how she has used faith to get through the most difficult times of her life. Her ability to take a chance on herself is simply remarkable and truly inspirational.

Photo Credit: alexpmccray

Shari Bryant started the conversation off by explaining the purpose of this experience and followed it up with brilliant questions. Below is just a small excerpt of what took place.                            

Shari B: Pinkest Luv, which is my organization, we started this series called “Pardon My Glow”. The series is all about helping women to just recognize that inner glow with them because I feel like we lose it at times. It takes some time for us to get back on the path that we imagine and want to manifest for ourselves. My sister owns this salon and I thought what better place to have a conversation than in a salon? I got to Roc Nation in 2019 and had the pleasure of working with Rapsody and 5 years later, she put together an album called, Please Don’t Cry. She mentioned that this album is so personal to her and she wanted to have these conversations in safe spaces and she feels like the safest space is a salon. 


Shari B: The album is called Please Don’t Cry, what made you title it that?


Rapsody: Because I was crying a lot, by myself though. I would never want to show emotion, you know in black houses, what you crying for? So, I never let the world see how human I was. You had to be really close to me to see that part. I was going through a breakup and just in my feelings. When we were in a pandemic and you’re by yourself and in silence and solitude – you feel things and hear things a lot louder than when you’re moving around the world. I had supportive people like I had my best friends and they are the most honest with you. I had to hold myself accountable for some things. I had to be fearless enough, as they say, to let the world see that part.


Shari B: Describe Rapsody at her raw self, how would you answer that?


Rapsody: It’s hard for me to talk about myself. I’m definitely goofy. I’ve worked on myself so much but if you would have asked me this before, I would have been more entertaining but I’m just me.


This is when the conversation changed and Rapsody turned it around on Shari B. but she wasn’t fazed at all. She spoke from the heart and it became evident that their relationship is timeless.   


Photo Credit: alexpmccray

Rapsody: How do you see me in my raw self?


Shari B: You are one of the most gracious people I know, and I promise you I’m not just saying that not only from an artist standpoint but also just from a human standpoint. You live in gratitude. You’re so humble and sometimes, until this album, which we are going to get into, I used to be concerned that you were too humble. You were put on this Earth to provide something that I think would change a lot of peoples lives and I wanted to make sure that people were able to receive that, not in a small group either, it’s for the masses. Although you are humble, I think you’ve come out that space of, “I’m humble but I’m going to talk my ish and I’m going to let you know who I am”.


Personally, my favorite track on the album is Faith. I have been going through some difficult times and the second Faith started, it gave me the motivation for me to believe that everything was going to be okay. To close out the conversation Shari B. turned to the audience and I was able to ask her, “What would she say to somebody who currently struggling and looking to find a way to get through”.


Rapsody: First you have to be kind to yourself. The same love and patience you pour into other people, you have to pour into yourself. I think everything is rooted into that and that’s where you learn to forgive yourself. Once you forgive yourself, you learn to heal and be patient with the process of what growth is.


If you are looking for a way to show support Rapsody, the first thing you can do is go download and stream Please Don’t Cry. Next, you can go buy a ticket to go see her live because earlier this week she headed over to Instagram to announce her North America Tour with special guest Niko Brim. She will be hitting cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and of course closing out in her hometown state, North Carolina. But she’s not stopping there because she will also be heading to Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and London. So, you definitely don’t want to miss this. All in all, Rapsody is an incredible person and her strength and vulnerability are beyond this world. We applaud you and we see you.

Written By: Shauntay Hallett

Until next post... Coach Tay      


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