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Poet Josue Caceres brings out the Bronx community during the release of "I Am Not My Home"

Short N Sweet Ent

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For millions of people around the world, the coronavirus seemed like it happened overnight. That certainly is not the case but for what others felt like was just a “moment in time” others have seen how it has now evolved into one of the most frightening viruses of our time. In a blink of an eye, Bronx native, creative, and poet Josue Caceres, knows this feeling all too well. Caceres does not remember how he caught the virus but is here today to tell his story of overcoming the hardest moments of his life.

“I was in the hospital for a total of 2 weeks and spent 11 of those days in a coma. I’m blessed to have gotten out of that and now I am feeling better than ever physically, mentally, and spiritually. During that time I did a lot of reflection on myself, the people around me, and everyone around the world. During that time I ended up creating this book called “I Am Not My Home” – 26 poems of me speaking on that time and everything that I learned.”

On August 27th, Caceres celebrated his journey by releasing his book of poetry “I Am Not My Home” with his community at The Bronx Native Shop in the South Bronx. As the audience gathered in, they got to witness an intimate reading session where Caceres let it all out. He explored themes of life and death, brotherhood, dealing with heartbreak, and breaking generational curses. All of these themes can be extremely heavy for the everyday person but Caceres made everyone feel right at home.


What is the “Bx Writers?

The “Bx Writers” is where we highlight and showcase writers, poets, and creatives, mostly in the Bronx but all over the city. We do that of course with a very special brand called Bronx Native. I want to shout out my brother, my best friend, and creative for life Amaury Grullon. I’ve literally known this dude since we have been little kids. He also created the cover of the book and I truly appreciate him.

Your new book of poetry, “I Am Not My Home” just released, how are you feeling now that it is out?

It’s a celebration, you know! Not only for me and my book and everything that we have accomplished but it’s more of a celebration of life, especially with the year that we had last year. Me writing this book, it was me really just speaking on some of the things that we went through last year and reflecting on those moments. I am just happy that we are all here and have come together to share this moment at The Bronx Native shop.

“I Am Not My Home” is so powerful and full of purpose, how did you originally start writing?

Honestly, I have been writing my entire life. I knew that in 2016 when I first published my first book and received so much support from people that I knew I didn’t want to keep that to myself. I wanted to share my words with others, which is why I started Bx Writers. It’s not only about me and my own creativity and my story, but it’s also about all of our stories and that has to be put on a platform.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from writing “I Am Not My Home”?

The title of the book is “I Am Not My Home” which means I’m choosing not to live in and identify with the negative moments in my life and the trauma and heartaches that we face. I’m choosing to identify with the positive light and the beauty of life.

Make sure you get your copy here before it Sells Out!

Thank You Josue for talking with Short N Sweet Ent and showing us all your vulnerable side. We continue to wish you and your team the best of luck, we can't wait to see what is next!

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Until next post… Coach Tay


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