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Lauren London collaborates with DIFF Eyewear to create her own powerhouse collection

Short N Sweet Ent

Courtesy of DIFF Eyewear

“I wanted to create something that was cute, affordable, and align with how I live my life.” – Lauren London

On August 11, 2021, Nordstrom hosted an exclusive virtual event with actress, activist, and mother Lauren London who spoke about her very own collaboration with DIFF Eyewear.

DIFF is a luxury eyewear brand that is committed to creating sophisticated prescription glasses and sunglasses in a world where everyone has access to the vision care they need. They have collaborated with some of our favorite artists, actors, and influencers such as Star Wars, Jessie James Decker, and H.E.R. so it is no surprise that the lovely Lauren London has been added to the list.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, London sat down with Media Maven and author Karen Civil about how her DIFF collection started and shared insights on her designs and inspirations.

London stated that she partnered with DIFF because of their charity work and how much it is aligned with giving back. “I wanted to create something that was cute, affordable, and align with how I live my life.” She wanted to create something that could be worn with any style and promoted good and positive energy. We as humans seek to be around others who have positive energy so why not throw on some shades that match both your inside and outside look.

Courtesy of DIFF Eyewear

While all of DIFF sunglasses are special, London has added a distinctive touch to her collection by adding a positive note or affirmation on the inside of her sunglasses. She is very intentional about her design aesthetics. London stated that placing her logo on each pair is extremely important to her. “It is about moving forward with the next generation and creating a legacy.”

As Karen Civil moderated this phenomenal discussion, she of course had to mention that one of her favorite pairs is the Lotus Locs style. London expressed that she wanted to be authentic with choosing that specific name with that specific style. “I wanted to pay homage to where I grew up and where I am headed.” All the colors to Lotus Locs are currently sold out and have proven to be a fan favorite. While London expressed that she too had a favorite pair but everything in her collection means a lot to her. While some of her inspiration comes from some of her favorite healing crystals Lauren reminded us that she simply wanted to create and wear something that makes her feel good.

Courtesy of DIFF Eyewear

Make sure you grab your pair here before the collection Sells Out.

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