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The Queen Jazmine Sullivan tears the stage down on the Heaux Tales Tour at the Kings Theatre

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: Stefan Bunbury

Whoever said R&B music is dead has not listened to the sweetest sounds of Heaux Tales and Heaux Tales Mo’Tales: The Deluxe by Philly’s own Grammy-nominated powerhouse artist Jazmine Sullivan. She is one of the Queens of R&B and her serenading voice is unequivocally one of the best sounds of our time. Shortly after the release of her new music, Jazmine announced that she would be going on tour to deliver her masterpiece and connect with her fans in a very special way.

When the dates of her tour dropped and the tickets went on sale, I knew I had seconds to get my chance at seeing her perform live during her Brooklyn stop at Kings Theatre. From the moment I saw my confirmation the countdown began. I got my outfit ready and practiced my vocals to prepare for a night of perfection.

Finally, the day came and I was ready. I arrived early so I can grab some food from Aunts Et Uncles, a black-owned restaurant that made sure that our bellies were filled before the concert started. They had a selection of delicious food that was designed by a Heaux Tales Themed Menu.


Best Burger In The World

Bodies on Bodies

Chicken Taco

Fine Be Selfish

Mac n Cheese

Don’t Put Me Down

Banana Pudding


When the lights went low and the music started, Tiana Major9, a beautiful British singer-songwriter from London, England blessed us with her angelic and soulful voice. We know her from her Grammy-nominated single Collide from the Queen and Slim soundtrack. My favorite song of her set was Think About You. The song was beautifully written but came to life as soon as Tiana grabbed the mic. She also performed some of the new songs of her new EP Fool Me Once. By the looks and sound of it, Tiana Major9 will be making hit records for years to come.


The time came and Jazmine Sullivan walked onto the stage with every ounce of beauty, grace, and confidence. She looked absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t believe my eyes or what I was witnessing. It was like I was watching an angel sent straight from heaven. Jazmine started with “Bodies” and the whole crowd knew the assignment; we joined her and sang every single word with no problem. She followed with Bust Your Windows, Put It Down, Girl Like Me, Lost One, On Me, and BPM. During Lost One I realized that tears started rolling down my face and it was at that very moment I knew that Jazmine had changed my life. Her songs made me feel more comfortable in my skin and got me through some of the toughest moments in my life. She is Top Tier and deserves all of her flowers. At the end of the show, Jazmine and her team thought they were slick. She thanked us for coming out and told us that her last song was Need U Bad. As the stage got dark and she began to walk off the stage, fans refused to leave. We screamed her name and before you know it she came back out to perform Pick Up Your Feelings and now we could say the night was done. The whole night was magical and something that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you Jazmine Sullivan for showing up and showing out.

Photo Credit: Stefan Bunbury

It is not too late to get your tickets for the rest of the tour. Next up she is hitting DC, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, and California. We love you, Jazmine Sullivan.

Until next post… Coach Tay

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