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J.I. the Prince of N.Y. drops new music with the release of "Young & Restless" Vol.1 Baby Don"

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: Something_light_media

Hailing straight out of Brooklyn, J.I. the Prince of N.Y. is perhaps one of the top artists in the game and could be easily considered the voice of the younger generation. It is known, from J.I’s music, that he had to grow up quickly and used his lyrical talents as a way to express his journey. At 14, J.I. got his shot at fame when he became a contestant on the second season of The Rap Game. J.I. was short of being crowned the winner but that didn’t stop him from earning his own stripes in the industry. In 2019 his hit record, “Need Me” dropped and it showed the world that success was only the tip of the iceberg for what was coming for his musical career.

On June 24th, 2022, J.I. released his latest music, Young & Restless, Vol. 1 Baby Don under his deal with Interscope via G*Starr Ent./Geffen Records. Days later J.I. announced that he would be hosting an exclusive listening event at Modern Vice for the NY media elite and his day one fans. Notable attendees included Modern Vice coordinator David Montini, celebrity designer Ravishin, resident artist Jigga, and rapper Milani Bandz. The event couldn’t be complete without the creative visuals by Johnnie Nunez, Something Light Media, Kpshotit, Dantefilmz, and many more.

With only four days to produce the event, Alyi V, the founder of The Alyi V Experience, hands down planned a celebration to remember. The second J.I. entered the room and Power 105.1’s DJ Step Cakes dropped the first song, “Relapse” the crowd went crazy. After it became evident that the fans knew word for word J.I. stopped the crowd to thank them for their support.

“When I close my eyes I can feel the pain and I know y’all feel it too, this project is for you”. –J.I. the Prince of N.Y.

After J.I. gave a stellar performance the party didn’t stop but instead moved downstairs to the street and was gifted, with a customized J.I. Taste of New York menu that served free chopped cheese sandwiches from the Bodega Food Truck.

During this time fans got the chance to network and talked about their favorite records off the project. Layla Dior, a day one fan, described her experience with us. “ I went to see J.I. because his music always helped me through whatever it was that I was going through and it always just pushed me to keep going. He is the most humble person ever. My favorite song on the album is “Right Away” because that song meant something to me”.

To continue to support the movement, remember to download and stream Young & Restless, Vol. 1 Baby Don.

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