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Emerging singer and songwriter Bela Kay releases new music video "Sudden Change" featuring OUN-P

If you learned anything about being a creative this year, it’s that they irrefutably hold the strength to shift the culture into exactly what we need as a collective. Entrepreneurs and artists took this time to not only focus on their respected crafts but they also learned how to thrive in a community where talent is abundant. When it comes to New York music, you can expect that local artists create a particular kind of sound that can’t be replicated. Emerging artist, singer, and songwriter Bela Kay is new to the industry but is already shaking the city up with her electrifying voice. On July 3rd, Bela Kay hosted her own single-release party at

IMI Studios NYC to celebrate her new music video “Sudden Change” featuring Bronx rapper OUN-P. Bronx Dead Eyez successfully turned her vision into reality as he directed the video in New York City. The idea and the production of the track came to life when musical genius Evan Brown laid down his melodic sounds knowing that Bela Kay’s voice would be a perfect fit to create magic. Engineer Jay B Frost added the last final mixes to the record making it precisely what Bela Kay imagined it to be. Shout out to Bela Kay and OUN-P for linking up with Short N Sweet Ent and giving us this exclusive behind the scene interview.


Who is Bela Kay and how would you describe your music?

Bela Kay is a very outgoing, kind, and hardworking person. My music is soulful and chill but energetic at the same time. I believe this is my year. So stay tuned!

How does it feel to collaborate with other New York creatives?

I love it because I feel like they understand my sound and understand where I’m trying to go with the song. Getting OUN-P on it was a smooth and perfect feature.

Tell us more about the process of making “Sudden Change”?

To me, it’s all about the beat. If I hear a beat that I can vibe out to then the writing comes easy. Then I go with it and that’s what happened here.

What is the concept behind the video “Sudden Change”?

I wanted a New York vibe because we are all from here – me representing The Bronx and Queens, OUN-P from The Bronx, and Evan Brown from Harlem. We are a perfect team. I wanted something in the city. The video was done by the Brooklyn Bridge and we captured nice views. It came out fire.



How would you define yourself as an artist?

Everybody calls me Mr. Facts because I’m one of the first people to ever say that word and I got the whole city saying Facts after everything. It stands for Feeding All Consumers True Situations. That’s what each letter represents. I just took it somewhere else and I try to put a lot of facts into my lyrics. So that’s what I bring to the table. I bring real music and real situations that people go through. Everything is not always about stunnin’ and gettin’ money. I talk about the real situations that we go through because sometimes people forget to mention the struggle part. Of course, it feels better after you level up but you have to respect the struggle and I’m here to balance the two out.

How does it feel to collaborate with other New York creatives?

When I hear a breath of fresh air that comes from my city it’s like pure joy. With Ev on the beat and Bela with the notes it was like a no-brainer to add me on it – to give it that hip-hop’ish feel. I didn’t go too long. I went in and made my point. It’s definitely a great feeling when you see two people with great talent and being able to hop on the track and bless it for them. It’s always good when it’s from New York.

For a project like this, how long does it take you to write and create something?

It all depends but for me this one I wrote a little bit then went in the booth and finished it off. “Sudden Change” probably took me about 12 minutes to finish the verse then another 5 to record it. So in less than 20 minutes, it was done.

How does it feel to have so much support for this record and you as an artist?

We all need that support, especially from my day ones and even the new people that I met along my journey in the industry. When people come to my events and show love I love being able to make sure that my music is going to make them have a great night. Shout out to all my supporters and make sure if you’re an artist you show love. Stop worrying about who is hatin’ on you and put all that energy into people who believe in you. I don’t care if it’s 5 people – you have to respect that.



Check out Bela Kay's new music video "Sudden Change"

Thank you for this amazing interview sis. This is your year and we wish you nothing but success. Hits all 2021 and beyond!

To connect with Bela Kay you can find her on IG at @belakay_


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