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Ari Lennox dominates her performance with Crown Royal for their Generosity Hour Series

With her first performance back, R&B singer-songwriter Ari Lennox hit the stage with an elegant and intimate performance in New York City and did not disappoint her supporters. Lennox, the first female artist to be signed by rapper J. Cole’s record label Dreamville Records, joined forces with Crown Royal for their Generosity Hour Series to give back to the Washington Heights Community Workers. While guests were mingling, they were spoiled with delicious beef empanadas, fried shrimp, spring rolls, and wings. To top it off, Crown Royal provided customized beverages; Crown The Heights and Crown Y Coco, making them want to come back for more.

Lennox has proven once again that her powerhouse vocals are nothing to play with. She captivated the audience by serenading everyone with her sweet and melodic voice when she started singing covers from iconic artists Tweet and Lauren Hill. Once she started singing records off of her debut studio album Shea Butter Baby the crowd went wild. Singing word for word it was obvious that her Day-1 supporters were in the room to show her how much they loved her. Lennox mastered each record with a live band playing behind her and never missed a beat.

While Lennox possesses a voice that is unmatched her artistry represents much more to the culture. She is a phenomenal black woman that isn’t afraid to be her authentic self. She speaks the truth and her risky lyrics touch on topics that most women are afraid to talk about. She is the voice for our community and symbolizes beauty and hope for so many unspoken voices.

Thank you Ari Lennox for sharing your talents with the world – we look forward to seeing what’s next for you!

Make sure to follow her on IG at arilennox and stream her music on all music platforms.

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