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"The Fox and King" hold their 10- Year Anniversary Show in the South Bronx

Short N Sweet Ent

For nearly a decade, The Fox and King (TFAK) have focused on bringing music and people together. What began as a small DIY movement running local events, co-owners Fernando Michael and Christopher Vasquez, have shifted the communities in the Bronx by expanding TFAK across New York City and developed into a music agency focused on creating platforms for music artists on the local, touring, and major levels. Today, the Bronx-based agency has grown into a lasting collective that empowers independent music communities, and artist development, in an ever-changing industry.


Even on the blistering cold winter nights, things are starting to heat up in the South Bronx with The Fox and King team. On Saturday, November 27, they held their “10 Year Anniversary Show” at The Bronx Brewery with food, vendors, merch, and live music from artists like Durieux, Blackfort, July Quain, Advice, and Richard Pigkaso.

It is truly amazing to see so much talent that emerges from our local communities. Families and friends came out to show exactly how happy they were with how much The Fox and King have done to help build a better culture for those who live in the South Bronx.

Co-owner, Christopher Vasquez expressed his gratitude for the people that have been supporting the business from day one. “We are super thankful for all the support over the years. We are happy with all the vendors and artists that have worked with us. We believe in the local music and the community that we live in. We want more people to come out to more shows and experience what we are doing here in the Bronx. It’s always going to be Community over Competition” with us”.

No matter what culture you are from, music shows that it can bring people together. For the last 10 years, The Fox and King have created a platform where local artists can be appreciated for their artistry. When artist, July Quin hit the stage it was evident that he impacted his fans and made them feel like their voices mattered. When describing how he felt after his performance artist July Quin stated that he feels like he can do a little bit of everything. “I’m not constricted to one genre. At the end of the day if you hear a song from me, you know it’s coming from a personal place and hopefully makes you happy”.

At Short N Sweet Ent we will continue to support The Fox and King movement and we wish you another 10 years and more of success.

To connect with The Fox and King follow them on Instagram at: thefoxandking_inc


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