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The Brunch Pitch shows Black-owned entrepreneurs the power of leveling up in the business industry

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Inspired by the abundance of African American culture Black-owned businesses are a vital part of the communities in New York City. When Black-owned businesses flourish entrepreneurs have been able to provide a pathway to generational wealth. Yet, Black entrepreneurs face massive barriers and are underrepresented among New York City’s business owners making it extremely difficult for them to create opportunities that will allow them to be successful. To ensure that Black business owners have access to guidance, business owners Emma Peralta and Tasmere Gathers made it their personal mission to create opportunities to support other Black-owned businesses that need of assistance.

Emma Peralta is the founder of United Black Businesses, UBB, where she builds a community where black creatives can come together to network and showcase their products or talents. UBB runs an Instagram account where they live-stream informative on-site and virtual interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs in the community. They provide public information and educational resources; host socially distanced networking events and product launches, and much more.

Tasmere Gathers is the founder of The DM Firm that offers business development planning, strategy, and workshops for entrepreneurs. The DM Firm creates a safe space to talk through the entrepreneurs’ brands and what it takes to increase profit. They work with entrepreneurs to implement practical business models that consider the brands’ purpose, audience, and expectations.

Both Emma and Tasmere are now the co-founders of The Brunch Pitch that provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. Before you are considered for consideration Black business owners must submit a video that includes: their name, the business name and nature (product, service, or both), why did they get started, and what needs they are filling or problem they are solving. Once you go through this process you will be invited to pitch your business for 2-minutes to a panel and audience where you will receive a 5-minute feedback and Q & A on furthering your business. On June 13, 2021, The Brunch Pitch launched its first pitch competition located in Brooklyn New York at the Royal Event Space.

DJ Apollo who kept the guest rocking from start to finish provided music for the entire evening.

Cinematographer, Mobolaji Adeolu captured high-quality video and highlighted long-lasting and special moments.

The Bruch Pitch Competition entrepreneurs line up included:

Mel B. Owner of Wi Café & Wine Bar

Ultranese Owner of Teadipity

Reneicia Owner of Twelve 21 Candle Studio

Dawn Owner of Dawns Black Royalty Juices

Marilyn Owner of Divine Appetite

The Brunch Pitch Competition panelists included:

Dizzy Brown Radio Host & Marketing Expert

Patreinnah Acosta-Pelle Executive Officer of PR City

Dr. Bobbi Orthodontist & Serial Entrepreneur

Jamila Co-Founder of Brooklyn Tea

Hanif Russell Caribbean Global Network Inc. Sales Manager & Irie Jam Radio Presenter

The winner of the Brunch Pitch Competition walked away with:

Business Coaching from The DM Firm

Social Media Audit from United Black Businesses

Radio Interview from 4TheRecordRadio

Financial Consulting from CFS Financial

Cybersecurity from Secure My Rep

Loan Consulting from Pace University SBDC

Congratulations to Mel B, the owner of

Wi Café & Wine Bar who was the winner of the Brunch Pitch Competition.

When the founders of The Brunch Pitch, Emma and Tasmere were asked what made Wi Café different from the others, they responded with:

Emma Peralta: “Mel B. had a different level of focus. She concentrated solely on her business and did a great job at telling a story. She makes it her business to know her neighborhood and building relationships with everyone around her is very important.”

Tasmere Gathers: “She was prepared and understood the competition. She had an employee with her who helped her with the display and food presentation. This made her stand out.”


The next Brunch Pitch Competition will take place at the Harlem Business Alliance in Harlem on August 28th, 2021. To participate in the next competition email

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Until next post… Coach Tay


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