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Tee Ahmed, the CEO of The 26th Lash launches her first annual Pop Up Shop: 30 Shades of Pink

Beauty – how does one describe a word that is defined by many in various ways? No one has the right or wrong answer to that but social stereotypes and standards have tried to shape what the perfect and ideal person looks like. There are thousands of shapes and shades in this world and if you please to go natural or spice your look up with a little blush and mascara it is simply your choice to do so. With there being a wide range of beauty lines out there it may not be so difficult to find something that matches what you need. Tee Ahmed, CEO of The 26th Lash has the perfect fit for you and everything you need to add to your list of beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products. Created in 2008, Tee started her business that is comprised of affordable cosmetics, mink lashes, and make-up tools. On June 26, The 26th Lash launched its very first annual storefront Pop Up Shop in New York City. The party theme for the evening was 30 Shades of Pink and it delivered on just that. From the swinging chair to the champagne wall guest were full of smiles and the night was packed with perfection. Thank you Tee for sitting with Short N Sweet Ent and making us feel special all night long.


Everyone is here to celebrate and support you, tell me more about your Pop Up Shop?

The Pop Up Shop is in celebration of us being in business for 3 years as well as me turning 30. I am very excited about launching some of my products.

My eye shadow palette, which is 30 shades, is called Talk 30 To Me. It represents me being 30.

My tank tops, Rich Girl Summer and Hot Mom Summer - that are each $10.

This is a big deal for us. When I started I couldn’t imagine that I could pull something like this off. So now to be able to do this, it’s just an amazing feeling.

What products are you selling today?

Today we are selling our lip-gloss, our lashes (I have a bunch of lashes and all lengths), our eye shadow palettes, and our make-up bags. We also have lip-liners and our merchandise for sale.

What is your favorite product?

My favorite for sure is Sassy. I love me some Sassy it stays in my bag. That’s our brown tint nude lip-gloss. That’s one of our favorite products that our customers get. A lot of girls like to re-buy it over and over again. It’s like an everyday kind of lip-gloss. You can wear it going out or just chillin. It’s so simple and cute. Our grown lip-liner goes perfect with it too. When you put the lip-liner on it gives your lip some shape, definition, and fullness. When you add the lip-gloss it gives you that natural look.

My Hot Mom Summer tank is for me, because when you are a mom you tend to lose yourself. The first year of motherhood I suffered from postpartum depression and was always viewing myself like I’m not looking my best and looking good enough especially because it was 2020 and that was my first year of motherhood. Coming out of that though made me stronger and made me better. It made me want to push further with my brand and who I am as a woman and not just a mother. That’s what Hot Mom Summer is all about – serving and making boss moves. We are working hard at what we love and doing it for our children. We are representing the generation that’s following behind us and that’s why that is my favorite product.

How did you first get started in having a passion for make-up?

A lot of girls that are my age started when they were in high school and I didn’t. I was in my twenties. I got into it because I liked it. I liked the full eyebrows and the bangin eye lashes. Even though I wasn’t able to pull it off myself at that time, I knew I liked it and wanted to be able to get into make-up. I got heavy into YouTube, started watching tutorials, and learned how to do it. From then on I fell in love with it and never looked back since. When I was about 25 years I was heavy into it and could do a beat full face.

Who is your favorite make-up queen?

I will always give the crown to Aaliyah Jay. I’m not gonna lie, she is one of the girls I really started watching on YouTube when I first started. She is a brown skin girl and I didn’t know that many brown skin girls at that time that did make-up. There were girls who were of lighter complexion but I wanted to relate to someone who could show me how to blend and make things work for my skin tone. I admire that she is from Brooklyn and turned her talents into a business. She made a brand of herself, which is very admiring and inspiring for me because I want to do that for myself as well.

If someone like me, who doesn’t wear make-up but wanted to start, what tips would you give out to help the process?

If you are beginning you should start with something very simple and don’t go overboard. Try different things, have fun, and most importantly be comfortable with your choices.

Congrats Tee on everything. We here at Short N Sweet are extremely proud of you and wish you all the best!

To connect with The 26th Lash you can reach them on IG at the26thlash

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Until next post... Coach Tay


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