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Silenced No More: The founders of We Build Black presents Mavens l/O Black In Tech Conference

Short N Sweet Ent

It’s tough to be a woman in Tech and it’s 10 times tougher to be a black woman in Tech. People aren’t expecting you to be who you are and to excel in this craft. In a tech industry traditionally dominated by men, under-represented minorities at times can feel a sense of not belonging but the numbers are changing slowly.


We Build Black is an organization dedicated to bettering the path for all minorities who work in Technology. The untold truths of this industry-led the founders of We Build Black to create this tech conference to connect women from all across the discipline.

Mavens I/O event is a virtual conference occurring on August 23-29, 2021. Founder Devin Jackson states, “the goal of our conference is to create a safe solace for women to inspire each other, grow their talents, and connect them to opportunities.” This is an opportunity for minorities to express their ideas and feel like they belong is the intent for the entire weeklong event. Women from all over the world will join together to inspire one another in their passion for advanced technology.

Speakers for the event include:

Jay Jay Digital

Danielle Skeen

Kim Bostic

Christine Etoke

Kristie Howard

Angelica Willis

McKenzie Slaughter

Charlene Atlas

Ancesha Raines

Teneika Askew

Christine Mitchell

The schedule for the event includes the below panels:

Mavens I/O Hackathon: a weeklong hackathon where black women technologists will build a small project for a $1, 000 cash prize, free domain, and a year’s worth of hosting. These contestants will be judged under these 3 criteria: impact, feasibility, and uniqueness.

Working Through the Chaos: This panel will address COVID’s influence on work/life balance, adapting to changing work environment, and suggest strategies on how to juggle it all.

What’s Next: This panel will be a discussion with inspiring women who have paved their way to become tech leaders and will share their drivers for the career success while developing technical and leadership skills.

Forward Thinking: This panel will highlight emerging technology in the fields of blockchain, augmented reality/virtual reality, and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Keynote: The voice of the Youth, Jay Jay Digital will speak about her journey and how she teaches youth how to code in a simplified and fun format.

Sponsors for the event include Google, JP Morgan Chase, New York Times.

You can register at

Connection Credit: A special thank you to Synobia Parks publicist and CEO of Show Your Nice consulting firm for continuing to push this movement forward.

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