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Atlanta Girl Group Vanity Rose Is Bringing The Sexy Back With Their New Single, "F*CK Face"

Short N Sweet Ent

If you’re looking for a new party anthem, look no further!

Vanity Rose, an all-girl group out of Atlanta, Honey, Hazel, and Hennessey, released their highly anticipated debut single “F*CK Face,” produced by DJ Chose.

"F*CK Face" is about being young, carefree, going against the grain, and enjoying life, even if it means having a different man for different reasons in different area codes. Vanity Rose doesn't care about social norms or what the public has to say. This song is an anthem of being bold, beautiful, and confident. "My body - my way - is the Vanity Rose way! Their raunchy lyrics show their unison for female power and sexuality, saying the things every girl thinks but can never speak.

Check out their fun, new single on all streaming platforms available. The girl’s night-out club anthem is bound to be a tik-tok favorite!


“F*CK Face” is just the beginning for Vanity Rose. They are managed by Record Executive Michael “Blue” Williams under the Family Tree / Outback Presents label. They have collaborated with well-known producers and songwriters such as 1500 or Nothin’, DJ Chose, and more. Their repertoire combines the vocal styles of R&B with modern-day Rap and Hip Hop. Hazel, Hennessy, and Honey are one of the few groups in music that have three different personalities but come together with their strong harmonies. The group's music is lyrically a team effort. Every member of the group contributes to the creative process both in and out of the studio. They are not afraid to talk about anything from their struggles including proving doubters wrong and going against the stigmas of being a girl group to more fun and explicit records.

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