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"My Black Isn't The Same" : A Celebration of Culture by standout Creatives in our Community

We are black 365 days a year and there is never a day when we can put in a request to take off. We are born with our black lineage with our culture pouring out of the seams of our skin. Our culture has lived within us for years before others identified as being accepted, popular, or mainstream. The society that we live in today tries to replicate the black culture or completely erase it by putting their stamp on it but real recognizes real. One way that we can control the narrative of our culture is to celebrate it and honor who we are by sharing our talents with our communities and Synobia Parks, CEO of Show Your Nice consulting agency did just that with her event My Black Isn’t The Same. On May 13, Synobia hosted a black excellence event that took place in Not Enough Studios in Brooklyn New York. DJ Kayla Rae had the audience rocking all night while playing a mix of old-school and new-school tunes. Artwork from Verleen, Pierre, and Cire B were displayed all around the guest giving everyone inspiration from left to right. Musical artists Yani Nirvana and Evan Brown came through and gave us a once-in-a life-time live performance off of their up incoming projects. The entertainment didn’t stop there as Evan Brown surprised us by inviting rappers Trilla Cassanova and Dyme A Duzin to step forward and rap over his beats while he played effortlessly beside them. More importantly tons of friends and family came out to show support and celebrate our culture. Thank you to everyone that had a chance to talk with Short N Sweet Ent and provided us with just a glimpse of what you do on the daily.


Interview with Synobia Parks, CEO of Show Your Nice

The event tonight is called “My Black Isn’t The Same, what is your favorite thing about being black?

My favorite thing about being black is the culture that is just imbedding to us. I love that we have a community that actually has love and concern for one another without really knowing one. For example, I can walk down the street and see a sista and just pour love into her and compliment her and it will feel like we already know each other, that’s community and culture in its purest form.

What was the inspiration behind the event and how was the name of it created?

I had such a hard time getting back into my creative mind since Covid locked down and didn't know how to actually feel. I took a step back from my life and peeped all that was happening in the black community from gun violence, to police brutality and us as black people canceling each other because one doesn't agree with one's views. I was pushed to put together an exhibit that showcases our beauty and talent’s. yes we are black but we aren't all the same. We are all different but culture is in our DNA something that's undeniable and That! Right there is what brings us together. So yea i was inspired to heal my people with this exhibit and called it “My Black Isn’t The Same”.

Being a creative sometimes mean that you are working on an entrepreneurial element, what is one tip that you have for those that want to transition into an entrepreneur?

One tip I will say is learn Time Management. it can get overwhelming sometimes and that can lead you to a burn out. But if you practice time management, you will be able to pour into one self, family, friends, and work to be able to see things through a clear lens.

Where do you see yourself and your brand in 1 year from now?

Hmm good question. In one year I see me helping others on a larger scale to kick the stagnant energy that they face when trying to get into their creative bag and for ShowYourNice I see us moving into marketing and taking PR and Event Curation to a whole new level of structure and giving great experiences, vibes and hospitality. We look to be a brand that people not only feel comfortable in using our services but also feel like family.

To connect with Synobia you can follow her on IG at @showyournice


Interview with Swazzy, Founder of SwazzyCustoms

Being that the event is called “My Black Isn’t The Same, What is your favorite thing about being black?

The one thing I love about being black is the fact that we are super different and unique. We have no limits to what we do. I mean anything that we do we make it look awesome that everybody else wants to do it. They wonder how we do it. It’s the best thing about being me and that’s how I would sum it up.

Tell me about your brand and the sneakers that you have on display?

I would explain my sneakers as unique because they are very unique and versatile. I go off of my thoughts and how I’m feeling. If I feel like I want to be one fly individual for the day you get a shoe like this with a designer – like Diesel, Thrasher, and Louis Vuitton. If I’m in a snack mood and I had some cookies or Dunkaroos for example then that’s exactly what you would get. If I’m in a music mood, you might get some music shoes like Wu-Tang or MF Doom and that’s how I would describe my work.

Do you remember the first piece of art that you ever created?

Wow, I would say on sneakers I did some type of drip effect on Air Forces. I got a lot of attention with that and I felt like you know what if I could get attention from something so simple then why not take it up a notch.

What is one misconception that people have about being an entrepreneur like yourself?

That’s tough! It’s not easy. It’s something that you have to be mentally prepared for. I would say that sometimes it could be lonely. It’s a lot of late nights and early mornings. You have to have a lot of drive and be confident with yourself.

Who is someone that you would use to inspire your next music-related piece?

I wouldn’t even use one artist. I would use the whole Old School Era. Anytime I’m creating art I listen to straight R&B – 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s music.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I don’t even see myself painting shoes. I see myself marketing my own shoes and producing that. I love the Air Force theme so I’m thinking about using that model and running with that. I want every shoe to be different. That’s my vibe - everything is customized and nothing is the same.

To connect with Swazzy you can follow him on IG at @swazzy_nwm


Interview with artist and painter Verleen

Being that the event is called “My Black Isn’t The Same, What is your favorite thing about being black?

That is hard. My blackness is an essence that can be felt and that’s one of my favorite things about being black.

You are displaying some amazing pieces; tell me more about your art?

My artwork has been a literal spiritual journey for me and it’s basically me recording it all and putting it into art. In some of these paintings, I have had visions and drew exactly what I saw.

When did you begin painting?

I’ve always been pretty artistic. I didn’t start taking it super serious until I got out of high school. I had a really good art instructor throughout school and it helped me a lot.

How important is branding for you?

I've been branding myself for a while. I do a lot of things outside of painting but painting is my core. I love doing events like this because it helps me express who I am and I get to see my paintings come to life.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself in a different space and solidifying all the things that I am doing. I’m literally trying to have my art in everybody’s house – that’s the goal.

To connect with Verleen you can follow her on IG at @verleenkillz


Interview with music producer Evan Brown

Being that the event is called “My Black Isn’t The Same, What is your favorite thing about being black?

My favorite thing about being black is being a creator and creating something out of nothing.

During your performance you performed two instrumental tracks, what were the names of the tracks and the inspiration behind them?

The two tracks that I played are called Millionaire and Prolific. I came up with these two tracks by being in the studio and listening to different elements of music. The person to be exact that inspired my project was Herbie Hancock. The tracks are inspired by Herbie Hancock’s album called Dedication just being that it was real live music.

As a music producer you have studied and learned how to play several different instruments yourself, what is your favorite instrument that you do play?

My favorite instrument that I do play is the piano followed by the drums.

During your performance you had the option for artist to come up and freestyle over your beats, how important is collaboration for you?

Collaboration nowadays is really important especially coming out of the pandemic. Now it’s like you actually have to collaborate, build, and broaden your network to even get noticed or get placements because no one is doing everything by themselves. Collaboration is key now with music!

Who is your ideal collaboration?

My ideal collaboration would be me, Kanye West, Pharrell, and 808 Mafia. I would say Kanye West for his sampling and he would sample something crazy and I would be able to play over it. Pharrell because he would go left with it and would do something totally different that you wouldn’t even think of. 808 Mafia because he is going to add the streetness, the trapness, and the heart and gtittyness to it. So you would have all elements of all sides to it and I’d be adding my factors into it.

“Dedication” is your new project that will be dropping soon, how is this different from your previous work?

This is going to be different because it’s more live music. Everything else that I have done before has been more in-studio programming work and this project is giving off more of a live feel to it because all the instrumentation is live – the pianos, the guitars, and the drums. It’s giving an intimate unplug feel and more flavor.

Do you have a specific process that you have when you are creating your music?

Yeah, I like to listen to other music first prior to me going into the studio just to get inspired and catch a vibe. Then I like to hop on the piano and mess around with melodies to see which one I feel is the best.

What is one tip that you would give someone who wants to become a music producer?

Learn your craft, study music, and don’t give up on yourself.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Five years from now I see myself accepting a Grammy and walking across the stage. I am not sure with what artist or producer that I would collaborate with but I’ll definitely be doing that as well as owning property!

*Paintings behind Evan Brown are created by painted Verleen*

To connect with Evan Brown you can follow him on IG at @evanbrown


Thank you to everyone who supported this event as it was full of excitement, energy, and love!

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Until next post… Coach Tay


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