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Mya Lighty, A young entrepreneur who took beauty into her own hands & created MelanMe Cosmetics

Have you ever walked into your local beauty supply store or your favorite make-up spot and thought to yourself, dag there are so many products; I wonder what I should get? Well, I feel the same way. Growing up I was taught to make sure I had my skincare routine down to a science but with my body changing every day I had to adjust my products to make sure I looked the way that I envisioned. With there being an endless array of treatments, lotions, and potions I take the time that I need to reflect on what I should focus on even if that’s dark spots, acne, pigmentation and or just wanted to feel like my skin is glowing. As more and more black-owned businesses are evolving it is only right that I support an establishment that sells natural beauty products. I wanted to share the products that I am currently using and if it works for you then by all means give it a try.

I was introduced to Mya Lighty, the owner of MelanMe Cosmetics earlier this month and we discussed how her products could work for me. Inside my package, I received a turmeric scrub, mask, and serum with a brush. The first thing I did was make sure I had a “throwaway” t-shirt because I didn’t know if I was about to get messy. Next, I made sure I washed my face because I wanted to start with a clean pallet. I started with the scrub by using my fingertips and applying it to my face in a circular motion. I let it sit for about 7 minutes before I washed it off. Before applying the mask I made sure my face was dry then I applied the clay mask with my brush. I let this sit for about 15 minutes then I scrubbed my face when I was rinsing because I wanted to make sure everything was clean before my last step. Finally, I used 2 drops of serum and mixed it with cocoa butter. Yes, this process feels long but it is worth the wait. Afterward, my face was so smooth and very soft. I felt like I was glowing and ready to hit the town. Thank you Mya for these amazing products and for letting me get to know more about your brand.


“Melanme Cosmetics” is such a great name for your brand. How was it created?

So, I really wanted to market towards the black community. I wanted to have melanin in there but I feel like it’s melanin this, melanin that. I wanted to make it something that felt personal and wanted to keep it in there. I wanted to let you know that all the products are for you. So like melan and it’s for me so it’s for you.

It’s also an acronym, Make Everything Last And Natural.

How long have you been in business?

It’s been in the works ever since I graduated college but I never fully thought people would buy it because when I started “natural” wasn’t a thing. It was people buying from the high-end brands or the brands that were already known. I didn’t think I had a market. Now “natural” is becoming a thing and people are seeing the benefits of natural products. I’m like why not start doing something that I’ve been doing and I saw the benefits of it by using my skin, so why not spread that love especially to people in my community.

I love the products that you already have but are you thinking about expanding into any other products?

What I’m thinking about doing is perfecting what I have now but what I really want to start is beard oils. I know that’s something that has a high market and men are trying to get their beards straight and I want to draw towards the male audience. I want to make sure that I get the ingredients to make sure that their beards are shinning and growing. That’s my next move. It’s the beards for me!!

What are some tips that you have for young creatives who want to start their own business?

Don’t be scared and just start it even if it’s a million people that sell what you sell – start your brand. That was one thing that hindered me and took me so long because there is so much skincare and I was like who is going to buy my stuff, but just start it. You never know who’s watching and who’s supporting you. Your brand is very different from every other brand because you have something that everyone else doesn’t have to offer. Believe in yourself. Also, I would say build your own support system because we want our friends and family to support but sometimes they aren’t going to and that’s alright. Maybe they don’t buy into the product or maybe they just don’t support so build your own support system by being consistent in your craft.

March we are celebrating Women’s History Month, who has inspired you in your career?

Yes, I would say Queen Latifah. She is everywhere doing everything and represents a lot of beauty products but we just don’t know about it. We know her for doing COVERGIRL. I think she’s the reason why COVERGIRL has all different shades of foundation and she has advocated for people of color. She is making sure that we have products for Our skin and for Our beauty. This is what “Melanme Cosmetics” is for too and that’s why I look up to her because I want to do the same thing.


Thank you Mya for making your products for people in the black community. We need more people like you who are passionate about making a change.

To connect with MelanMe Cosmetics you can find them on

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Until next post… Coach Tay


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