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Get To Know London Williams: The Author of the best-selling book "Our 1st Protest"

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Earlier this month, on May 6th, the Barnes and Noble in Waterbury Connecticut hosted “A Celebration of Connecticut Authors” where locals came together to mix and mingle with their favorite authors and had the opportunity to purchase a personalized signed copy of their work. With the support of friends, families, and new enthusiasts, this remarkable book signing was just what the town needed to show how powerful the art of storytelling is. The powerhouse authors included work from Janet Garcia-Hallett (Invisible Mothers: Unseen Yet Hypervisible after Incarceration), Jennifer Lupone (Your Life Is Your Journey), Krystal Marquis (The Davenports), and London Williams (Our 1st Protest). It was breathtaking to see so many talented authors take up space across all genres but more importantly, it was great to see that they all use their voices and platforms to better the communities in which they live in.

As the celebrations came to a close, we at Short N Sweet Entertainment had the opportunity to speak with best-selling children’s author London Carter Williams who brilliantly wrote Our 1st Protest. Before speaking with her it was important for us to discuss the history of protest and the impact that it has had in the African American community. Now it may seem that we have made strides in fighting the injustices within the American system that has intentionally enslaved the minds of millions of African Americans across the globe but as we continuously fight for those who have been killed on the front line it proves that we have a long way to go. Until we have justice for citizens like Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and George Floyd we have nothing but our word. Our word proves that our fight is not over and that we will not stop until the walls of discrimination are brought down for good. It is extremely powerful that our young voices, such as London Williams, can tell her story and elevate a generation of people to be better.

What inspired you to write Our 1st Protest?

I’ve always liked writing from a young age and the topic was so strong. My mom gave me the confidence and the push to put my experiences and my thoughts on what was going on out there to the public.

At what age did you begin your writing process?

I started writing since I was in the 1st grade. My school is very big on education and I noticed that I enjoyed writing and talking at a young age. Being able to put my words onto paper really helped me communicate.

What specifically about protest got you interested in doing more research on this topic?

Seeing it all over television and being in touch with what is going on in the world. I wanted the feeling like I was part of what was really going on. I wanted to show that I too was aware and that I cared.

Was there a specific protest that affected you?

Yes, the George Floyd video really caught my attention because being on social media and scrolling past it, I had the feeling of not wanting to look at it. My mom taught me that I was something that at some point we had to talk about it. So being able to learn and understand what was going on was really important to me.

How does it feel to be celebrated at Barnes and Noble with other local Connecticut authors?

I am very excited that this is something that I would be able to do because I never thought that I would publish something. I knew that I loved writing but being able to put myself out there and share my thoughts with a community is a great feeling.

Thank you to London and all authors who were celebrated for all the work that you have accomplished. We wish you the very best and will always support your missions.

Written By: Shauntay Hallett

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