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Basketball phenomena & rapper Flau'jae talks about her journey on the court and on the stage

Updated: May 18

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: eyeofevlee

“If I want to win another championship, I know what it takes. One person can’t win a championship alone”.

If you didn’t know, you know now but Women’s Sports are taking over. Women athletes across the globe have been putting in a tremendous amount of work and people are tuned in. If you have been up to date with college women’s basketball then you are aware of whom shooting guard Flau’jae Johnson is from LSU. Entering college as an All-American, Flau’jae has been named SEC All-Freshman Team, SEC Freshman of the Year, and has brought home the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship trophy in 2023. Flau’jae has an enormous personality and commands respect on and off the court. She competes on an elite level and has displayed what it means to live out her dreams.

On May 14th, at the Samsung 837 store in New York City, The Rookie Live” presented an in-depth conversation with superstar Flau’jae hosted by Carl Lamarre. Throughout the discussion Lamarre referred to Flau’jae as a “walking bucket” and he truly was able to highlight her career from the beginning. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to the sport to do what she has already done.


When asked about her thoughts on the Mamba mentality, Flau’jae responded,      


“You gotta be able to be consistent and be able to be disciplined in order to be successful in whatever you do. It’s just that mindset - like Kobe’s mindset is like second to none and I wanted to see how I could beat my opponents or kind of beat the world in a sense with my routine and my habits. It kind of just made me a better player on the court and off the court”.


Figuring out after high school about where you want to go to college can be a daunting decision. The pressure is usually through the roof and picking the right school can be difficult. There are a lot of factors that come into play and Flau’jae went into detail about why she chose LSU.  

“A lot factored into my decision to go to LSU because it was a new start and I knew coming out of high school I got this hype and I had to go somewhere and play. I wasn’t trying to go anywhere and sit on the bench, that wasn’t my plan. I wanted to go somewhere where the program not only wanted to be there. Coach Mulkey understood my music. She understood the fact that I wanted to play basketball and do music”.


One thing Coach Mulkey does well is hold you accountable and that’s the number one thing I think you need in life – to hold yourself accountable. Once I mastered that I kind of felt like I mastered everything I needed to, especially the mental game. My coach is going to hold me to the highest standard. The biggest thing you can have as an athlete is being able to operate in chaos”.

You may have been first introduced to Flau’jae from her appearance either on the Rap Game or NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Her rapping skills are nothing to play with and her impressive performance has landed her a distribution deal with Jay-Z’s company Roc Nation. It is evident that she has remarkable talent in the booth and that she will continue her late father, Camouflage, legacy.   


“First of all, I love music. I love to create music. I love to hear music. It gets me through my day. Even as a kid, I felt a connection to music, before I even knew my father was a rapper. Hearing how he was so connected to it, it just made me pour into it”.

Photo Credit: shortnsweetent 

At the end of the discussion, Short N Sweet Entertainment had the opportunity to ask Flau’jae about how she feels about making such an impact on the younger generation.  


“It feels good to be able to inspire people. I remember when I was a young girl and I was looking for inspiration I found a lot of different role models that I looked up to and after that, I tried to model my game after. People are doing that for me. It’s dope to see the cycle continue”.

While we anticipate new music, the world will be cheering Flau’jae on next season and wishing her another championship team. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you. 

Written By: Shauntay Hallett

Until next post... Coach Tay         



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