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Femme Media Group presents Barriers to Entry: Women's Panel & Mixer

Updated: Jun 2

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: stefanbunbury

Imagine a world where women don’t exist. Where women sit back and let their future pass between their eyes. Imagine hearing a success story and being told that “not one single woman” contributed to that success. Well, those days are in the past, and women especially in the entertainment industry, are at the forefront and making big moves in the business. Ten out of ten times a woman’s voice was one of the key factors in creating that opportunity for the next “big thing”. The music industry has been a male-dominated industry for decades but it’s OUR time and there is no looking back.


On May 29th, a few hundred women and men gathered at the Audiomack Studios in New York City to indulge themselves in a night of pure fun, entertainment, and excitement. Femme Media Group presented a Women’s Panel & Mixer called Barriers to Entry for those interested in what it takes to get and thrive in the music industry. The host for the evening, PanamaDaPrince, led the discussion that was focused on not only how to break barriers in the music industry but also how to uplift each other in that very same process.       


The Women Panelist Included

Whitney Johnson: Brand Partnerships Manager (Essence)

Jeanine McLean: President of MBK (Entertainment & The       

                              Recording Academy NYC Chapter


Michaaella Phillips: Urban Promotions & Network Relations

                                  Coordinator (SONY Music & RCA


Sarita Nauth: Senior Social Media Manager (VH1 & BET) 

Ashley Cree: Senior Artists Services Manager (Audiomack)

One of the many questions that people want to know the answer to is, what obstacles do black women face in the industry”? To be honest this list can go on forever and ever, especially depending on whom you ask and in what time frame you ask them about.


One of my biggest obstacles was not having people believe in you until you show proof. Not a lot of people have foresight anymore in this industry. It’s like you have to bring the numbers and everything has to match but there’s some moments where belief comes into play and trusting your gut and really stepping forward”. Ashley Cree


“Dealing with Misogyny. It’s a male-dominated business, it still is however there are so many powerful women behind the scenes pushing everything forward and now more recently we are steeping forward into our chosen place”. Jeanine McLean


“The industry they will prowl on your passion for it. You have to be able to stand firm on what you do and who you are and the work that you bring to the table because you are valuable”. Michaaella Phillips


As the conversation went on, women in the room sat on the edge of their seats to hear more of their personal stories and how they getting through their experiences standing ten toes down. Women across the boards have come across hardships that most likely shaped them into better women but it’s the success and behind-the-scenes stories that make us believe that we can do it. Seeing the success of Grammy-award-winning artists Tems and Victoria Monet, the Caribbean representation on BET & VH1, and the black women’s voices exemplified during Essence events makes it all worth it. As women, we fight and fight to make our voices heard and at the end of the day, we know that our voices in these rooms, where these decisions are being made, MATTER.

After the panel, where critical pieces of knowledge were dropped, the crowd learned that the fun wasn’t over. Bronx artist, Solomon Jones blessed us with a special preference and left everyone in the room wanting more. Then the attendees had the opportunity to eat and network with others in the room. Before everyone departed, each individual was gifted a swag bag that was full of Stratia, Dove, and Camille Rose products.


All and all, this night was a success. Quesianna, CEO, of Femme Media Group and curator of the event, stated, “the event was successful because the audience was engaged. The panelists were very giving, insightful, and brutally honest about their experiences. I also think they embodied an open door policy and welcomed networking for all the guests there”.


As the night came to a close, with a glamorous toast, Quesianna informed us that this was only the beginning and the next one will be bigger and better.


I know for sure that I not only can’t wait to use my new products but I can’t wait to see what’s next for Femme Media Groups. Major Congrats to everyone who was involved.  

Written By: Shauntay Hallett

All photographs were taken by: stefanbunbury

Until next post... Coach Tay


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