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The Women Behind The Beats: Leading Ladies In The Music Industry Takes A Stand During ENVSN Festival

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: Something_light_media

Currently, we live in a fast-paced society that lens’s itself on creating the blueprint for the picture-perfect person. Without missing a beat, most people turn on their phones in the morning and begin to plan their day by seeing several images that define their mindsets. Betting on our best and having organic human interactions are two things that our culture is making improvements with but first, we must start by looking at ourselves and putting our best foot forward.

This past weekend, in BKLYN STUDIOS on October 1st and 2nd, people had the chance to embark on their self-journey to becoming who they really want to be. Since the launch of the ENVSN Festival, industry professionals Sharifa Murdock and Laura Stylez have created an annual festival that features panels, entertainment, giveaways, activations, photo-ops, vendors, and immersive networking opportunities for both women and men to find their voice and use it to make a difference in our society. This year’s festival slogan was “Write Your Own Story” and its impact cultivated everyone to have discussions concentrated on taking charge of their own narrative.

Over a two-day extravaganza, attendees walked into a beautiful setting and were treated to refreshments from Coca-Cola and Vitamin Water, specialty customized Kith Treats, one-of-a-kind Atmos tote bags, an express manicure with Nailcon and Blank Beauty, new Adidas gear from their fall collection, an intimate and relaxing yoga session and so much more. The panels included topics that focused on Sexual Health from the ladies of Whoreible Decisions Podcast, Women in Mental Health, Women in Fashion, Women in PR & Branding, Women in Media, and Women in Sports.


During the Women in Sports Panel that was hosted by Khristina Williams, the Senior Director of Entertainment for the Brooklyn Nets, NY Liberty, LI Nets, and founder of Push Dance Professionals, Criscia Long discussed her journey as a dancer and the importance of having great mentorship in the sports industry. She stated, “my mentors push me and make me understand that I have the tools and resources and I have to utilize them to vouch for me. Your mentors know you. They know your work and they know what you are capable of. These are the people that are going to make sure that your name is known in the room”.

As the fun continued, the Women in Music Panel took off and the ladies dropped jewels that the audience can keep in their back pockets for a lifetime. The discussion started off with a nail-biting conversation when moderator Ghislaine Leon, started off by explaining what it is meant to have “main character energy” in the music industry. She expressed how important it is to have confidence and to walk into every room like you own it. “For us as women in this business if you don’t have “main character energy” it’s not the place for you”. Well, two leading ladies in the music industry, PR and Marketing expert Deneil Mullings from 300 Entertainment and HOT 97’S own, TT Torrez knows firsthand what it feels like to be a boss and exactly what it means to be “successful” in this industry. Throughout the discussion, the ladies discussed their journeys into the music industry, who and what has inspired them to keep going, and provided tips for the next generation. Below is just a quick snapshot of the discussion.

Ghislaine Leon: What do you consider some of the fundamentals of the music industry that aren’t commonly known? What are some of the major considerations one must be aware of entering the industry as an artist, producer, or a personality?

Deneil Mullings: I would say that as an artist or a personality a lot of people don’t realize that the music business is just that… it’s music and its business. As an artist it can’t just be about the music, you have to have layers; you have to have things about you that people can relate to, and have people that want to be you. Outside of music, what else is there? Are you into fashion, are you into anime, can you cook, or play the flute, are you plus size, and or vegan? There needs to be these other things that people can attach themselves to and relate to. One of the fundamentals is understanding that what we do for work is what a lot of people do for entertainment. It could be consuming at times and can blend together but drawing that fine line between what is work and what is entertainment is very important.

TT Torrez: For me, if I can give any perspective that Deneil just made is understanding that it is work. I think that we put so much pressure on ourselves to have something right now to get that instant gratification and the most important thing you have to have is patience and building a foundation. What goes up quickly comes down very quickly and when you are looking and chasing that “next moment” you don’t build on your foundation. I would say that’s one fundamental thing. Ask yourself, what are you going to master and what is that “one thing? If it’s being an artist, okay are you dedicated in the studio 5 days a week for 24 hours a day? What is your commitment and that thing that you’re going to master before you spread your wings everywhere else? I’m a big believer in don’t keep your eggs in one basket but I’m also a big believer in being a master at spreading it because if you are thinking, I’m going to be a personality today or I’m going to be the next viral trend, when that is over then what’s next? It’s about patience and putting in that work consistently.

Photo Credit: Something_light_media

Putting “in that work” is key to becoming successful in any industry that you want to take charge of. With the right mindset and the work effort behind you, anything is possible. We all are incredibly excited for what’s to come for ENVSN Festival in the future and we want to extend the greatest thank you to the founders Shrifa Murdock and Laura Stylez for continually pushing the culture forward.

Until next post… Coach Tay


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