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Ari Lennox Sells Out New York Shows During Age/Sex/Location Tour

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: jadaimanim

When discussing who has made an impact in R&B music, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Ari Lennox should be mentioned in every single room. After the success of her debut album, Shea Butter Baby Lennox has changed the industry by making women across the world feel like they can be their natural and authentic selves. Her sweet and powerful voice gave people the confidence to walk around with their heads held high and become a better version of who they truly are.

On September 9, 2022, Lennox released her second studio album Age/Sex/Location with Dreamville and Interscope Records. ASL showcases her storytelling skills as she takes her listeners down a journey of setting boundaries while accentuating her self-worth. With guest appearances from Lucky Daye, Chole, and Summer Walker, Lennox has given the people what they want; a body of work that they can relate to.

Shortly after the release of her album, Lennox announced her tour and her fans responded by heading straight to purchase tickets making a few stops “sold out” in record-breaking time. Earlier this week Lennox had two sold-out shows in New York City at Terminal and did not disappoint. Fans poured into the venue hoping to get the best spots to capture a magical night filled with love and energy.

Photo Credit: jadaimanim

One of the opening acts of the show was Atlanta native Jai’len Josey who immediately demanded the crowds’ attention on the stage with her very first note. The second she got on the mic her angelic but powerhouse voice filled the venue from top to bottom. As she started singing her new single, Good Soup, it was evident that she had won everyone over with her bubbly personality and her relatable lyrics.

Photo Credit: thecarpography

Following Jai’len Josey’s set it was time for D.C. native Alex Vaughn to show us what she was working with. Vaughn has been on the rise as a multi-talented artist and has been making her way into the souls of R&B lovers. She instantly got the crowd hooked by singing the cover of Foolish by Ashanti and once she started singing tracks from her album The Hurtbook fans were able to sing along word for word. Vaughn has undeniable star quality and will be in the music industry for a long time.

Photo Credit: shaughncooper

The house lights went down and now it was time for Ari Lennox to take the stage. As the excitement rose, Lennox gracefully walked to her spot and started serenading us with her gorgeous voice. She took us down memory lane starting with some of her records BMO, New Apartment, and Shea Butter Baby but the crowd’s favorite was On It, a record that she was featured on with the incredible songstress Jazmine Sullivan. It is very clear that Lennox’s vocal abilities are unmatched and that she is always willing to share the stage with other talented artists. Her all-female band was comprised of E. Miche Russel on the keys, Venzella Joy on drums, and Vidie on bass. They didn’t miss a beat and kept us

rocking all night. Now, as for her vocalists, Kristen-ilycia Love, Dexter Jordan, and Blanche J they proved that they didn’t come to play any games either. Their voices were smooth, hard-hitting, and matched Ari Lennox’s style perfectly. Lennox stayed in tune with her fans by singing Waste My Time and Boy Bye. Just when we thought the night was over Lennox left us with her hit single Pressure and took a moment to thank everybody for coming out.

Photo Credit : jadaimanim

One thing that is certain about Ari Lennox is that her fans mean the world to her. She wants people to get an experience of a lifetime and that is exactly was she does.

Niyah, a day one supporter of Lennox said, “her meet-and-greet experience felt like you were meeting up with a close friend for lunch. It felt like a catch-up with an old friend. She has the sweetest aura and soul. She gives out compliments and is just a really sweet person inside and out. My favorite part of the concert is when she danced while singing her songs especially when she started singing the songs from her first album. She also stopped the show to tell some people happy birthdays. That was really sweet and genuine of her.”

Another day one supporter, Raymonlei said, I started listening to her music in 2019. I heard of her before but “BMO” really opened my ears to her. “Waste My Time” was my favorite performance. She gave great vocals and presence throughout the whole concert.”

Photo Credit: jadaimanim

If you haven’t yet got your tickets for the tour run don’t walk because this isn’t something that you want to miss.

Written By: Shauntay Hallett

Until next Post... Coach Tay


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