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LengendNFTs host free celebrity concert to merge the gap between hip-hop and cryptocurrency

Short N Sweet Ent

Photo Credit: JMartin Visuals

CEO of LegendNFTs Lawrence Adams

People around the globe can go back and forth every day and question what truly makes them happy. Is it money or the dream? Well, when you can have both and merge the two to make your life complete then hey what’s the problem. The biggest investment you can make in life is investing in yourself. Everyone wants to be financially stable and make sure that they are set up for their future no matter what field they work in and the best way to do that is to take charge and learn what you need to do to secure the bag!


On September 18, in one of the most popular music venues in New York City, Terminal 5, Image Protect, History, and Mint Productions presented the LegendNFTs Launch Party that was hosted by Hot97’s very own digital coordinator L’Oreal Luchi. Attendees learned how to capitalize on their finances while receiving a free celebrity concert with live performances by Jim Jones, Bizzy Banks, and KayCyy and music by top DJs such as DickByAir, Odalys, and DJ Cutbird. Before the live entertainment began, Avery Watson, the CEO of M.A.E. Multi Artistry Entertainment handled the red carpet and made sure that everyone knew the purpose of the evening. Florida-bred and New York-raised female artist Keyu, super producer Papi Yerr, and female singer Journey Montana were just a few entertainers that made their presence felt and showed how much they supported this movement. On the red carpet, host L’Oreal Luchi expressed not knowing much about NFTs and cryptocurrency but was excited to be there to soak in as much information as she could. She stated, “I want to learn everything that I can and be straight for my life”. As NFTs become what the culture is now calling the new wave, most people are still unfamiliar with what and how it works.

Photo Credit: (Left) Anmol Singh

Avery Watson: PR to LegendNFTs

Photo Credit: (Right) Something Light Media

L'Oreal Luchi: Host from HOT97's digital coordinator team


It is almost unheard of that New York City would offer a free event where gems of this magnitude were being dropped left and right but for the CEO of LegendNFT’s Lawrence Adams, made it his mission for everyone to properly understand what an NFT is.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that are registered on a blockchain. They are used to represent digital ownership of assets such as art, an image, music, videos, collectibles, or real-world items such as legal documents or tickets to a sporting event. NFTs are taking the world by storm and can be used to represent ownership. When asked about the impact it has on the culture, Adams indicated, “as far as we are concerned, we can go to an artist and we can say hey that label you don’t need them. If you drop 3 songs, a small album on our website which we are developing now, the shackles of the label you don’t need it. What we are all about is using our technology to bring fans and celebrities as close as possible. In this day in age with social media, fans want a relationship like never before.” Even with NFTs being relatively new it is giving more power to content creators than ever before and has become a dope way for an artist to share their creativity.


As the crowd started to merge to the front row and take out their phones, it became evident that everyone was ready to have some fun. KayCyy, a Kenyan-American rapper, singer, and songwriter hit the stage first and gave energy from start to finish. He recently collaborated with Kanye West on the hit single Hurricane from the album Donda and during his performance, the crowd erupted and showed him much love. All of his hard work is finally coming to light and his fans are excited about what is next. KayCyy is finishing his next solo project, “Who Is KayCyy?” that will display what he is artistically capable of.


Photo Credit: Something Light Media

Next up on the stage was one of the voices in the Brooklyn drill scene, Bizzy Banks who performed records from his latest project, “Same Energy”. His gritty and raw sound caters to those with an ear to the streets. While the crowd was hanging on to every word Banks has proved that he will have an impact in the music scene.

Bizzy Banks

Photo Credit: Something Light Media

When hip-hop icon, entrepreneur, and one of the founding members of The Diplomats, Jim Jones hit the stage it felt like home. As a seasoned veteran in the music industry, it was no surprise that Jim Jones delivered an unforgettable performance. The crowd joined him as he recited bars from some of his legendary songs such as Summer Wit’ Miami, Pop Champagne, Certified Gangsta, and We Fly High (Ballin). Jones is not a stranger to sharing the stage and allowing others to shine. During his set rapper, Payso Blanco blessed us with some of his records. Before the night was over, Jones let us know that legendary Brooklyn rapper Maino was also in the building and that we should be expecting new music from them soon.

Jim Jones

Photo Credit: Something Light Media

The LegendNFT Launch Party was a success and there is much more to come. Stay tune to up coming concerts and panels that will help ensure future financial stability within our culture.

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CEO of Short N Sweet Ent with Ceo of LegendNFTs Lawrence Adams

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